Baba Eng
Restorative Justice Developer
(716) 854-1086


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Restorative Justice Provides:

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    What is Restorative Justice Program?

    The Restorative Justice Center Program offers processes to resolve tensions and conflicts between individuals or groups. This program is necessary for individuals to reach a resolution through processes of intervention. Through this program an individual can find peace and gain communicative tools to aid in stressful situations.


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    “Back to Basics is a proven program (1996) that serves Buffalo’s most vulnerable citizens with programs that improve their overall safety and quality of life.  A variety of programs and services effectively target violence, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, prisoner re-entry, and youth development.  Our mission is to develop strategies and programs to bring together, staff, mentors, community leaders and volunteers to positively impact individuals and families, thereby improving the overall condition of the community in which they live.”