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PEACEMAKERS Violence Prevention

The Community Peacemakers:

    1. 1) Works with gang leaders to mediate conflict and deter violence;
      2) Interact with at-risk youth to mentor and redirect teaching non-violent conflict resolution;
      3) Connect with the community, families, and friends of the victim(s) after an act of violence;
      4) Create safe passage for students going to and from schools;
      5) Help create peace at a variety of events like the Juneteenth Celebrations, high school football games, concerts at Canalside, to highly charged public demonstrations.

  • Our mission is to develop and implement strategies that will reduce violence on our city streets. We do so my engaging those elements or characters that are involved in violence in an effort to encourage them to resolve issues in a peaceful manner. In addition Peacemakers respond to community requests that may require a presence at community functions such as Juneteenth, Drill-a-Rama, Gusmacker, prayer vigils, football games and funerals, where youth or individuals with bad intentions may promote or cause violence to erupt. The Peacemakers serves as peacemakers at these events.

    In addition, our mission is to educate the community to help the Buffalo Peacemakers, our individual groups, law enforcement, and other agencies to educate and promote nonviolence within the neighborhoods.

    Peacemakers are comprised of mentor mentee relationships that work in tandem to redirect youth into healthy relationships, gathering information and mediating gang violence. Additionally, we respond to violent assaults and shootings while working in concert with law enforcement officials to help build safe neighborhoods in our for our communities. Following acts of violence, the peacemakers work with victim and their families to offer grief counseling and to prevent retaliatory behavior. We also actively engage the community by training citizens in the work, school, or community to practice and promote non-violent intervention techniques.

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